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Specialty Items
AR15 Gadsden Engraved Receiver
AR15 Molon-Labe Engraved Receiver

Optics & Mounting Accessories
Leupold Mark-IV CQ/T
IOR M2 Tactical Scope Package
OKO-W 4moa Red Dot Sight

Slings & Grips
NM Leather Competition Sling - black
AR-15 Hogue Grip
AR-15 Ergo Grip
AR-15 Forward Tactical Grip

Slip-2000 Cleaning Products
Fishing Reel Lubricant - 1oz
Gun Lube - 1oz Bottle
Gun Lube - 4oz Bottle
Gun Lube - 4oz Spray
Cleaner/Degreaser - 4oz Spray

Tetra Cleaning Products
Gun Spray Lubricant 8oz
Copper Solvent 8oz
Copper Solvent 4oz
Action Blaster Degreaser 18oz
Lubricant 8oz
Lubricant 4oz
Lubricant 1oz

Otis Cleaning Products
Tactical Cleaning System
Shotgun Cleaning System
.177 Rim-Fire Intro Kit
.22-30 Caliber Intro Kit
.30-45 Caliber Intro Kit
Shotgun Intro Kit
Pistol Intro Kit
100 All Caliber Patches
22 Rim-Fire Brush
22 Caliber Bore Brush
27 Caliber Bore Brush
30 Caliber Bore Brush
35 Caliber Bore Brush
45 Caliber Bore Brush
1/2oz Bore Solvent
4oz Bore Solvent

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